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Fear of Flying Book
        "I ordered your book after hearing terrific things about it. It arrived last night and I finished it this morning. I was learning things about my fear, and did not even know it because I was being entertained in the process! Thank you for the amazing book!!!"
- Krystal R

        "I am a physician who really emphathized with the character in your book. I used to be very anxious months before a flight, whether or not I decided to take it. Basically, your book explained all the myths I had about flying that had grounded me. Within seconds of finishing your book my anxiety virtually disappeared. Thank you very much for helping me conquer this fear."
- Richard

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"Every so often, in one's life, a book, a comment or a work of art can cause a life-changing event to take place. A new outlook forms, something changes in our perception, or in the case of anxiety or a specific phobia, (as in air travel), we come to grips with what is causing the underlying problem. The book Wings of Discovery is one of those "events". To date, we have been able to take this book along with us on our flights and it has worked wonders for many with the "Fear of Flying" anxiety. Now, with the release of the audio version, the book has both been made portable and intimate. We can experience the 1-1 experience of the book via the talent of a professional story-teller. Nothing works like the spoken word in the advent of a pending personal crisis. So, on your next flight, pack your goody bag, your portable audio unit of choice, Captain Stacey's FOF audio course and the audio version of Wings of Discovery. The Captain can talk you through take-off and landing, turbulence and anxiety, and while you are in-flight, when the anxiety strikes, Wings of Discovery will renew your childhood wonder of flight."
- Maureen D

"After take off I listenened to Wings of Discovery and found it very soothing as well as interesting. I liked the way the keeping calm stratagies were woven throughout the story. When it was time to return, I was feeling very confident as I boarded and thought I will just watch the movie this time. As the flight went on we encountered turbulence. I was watching the movie and felt the turbulence of the plane...I found it just too much commotion- so I got out the Wings of Discovery CD and listened to it again the rest of the trip home. It was really a source of peace and relaxation for me."
- Barbara

Listen to a short sample of Wings of Discovery

Does Flying on a Jet Airliner Make You Nervous? Airline Pilot Helps Soothe Your Concerns.

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If Only You Could Be Free of Those Jitters...

          Have you ever felt a little nervous or worried on a jet airliner? Ever wondered what would happen if your plane had to glide because of an engine failure? Are you ever concerned about air pockets or how much turbulence a jetliner can withstand? Have you missed out on family get-togethers, vacations, and business trips because of your fear? Living in today's fast paced world without the benefit of air travel can make you feel isolated.
        "I've flown since I was barely able to walk, yet somehow experienced a tremendous onset of fear in my early twenties. There was no trigger for this irrational fear, and it was extremely frustrating for me to have to deal with something so ridiculously traumatic."
- Anonymous

Join the Crowd...

          Estimates show that at least one out of every six adults has a fear of flying (aviophobia or aerophobia). Passengers often have trouble dealing with the fear of turbulence, bad weather, long overwater flights, small spaces, crowds, heights, and not feeling in control (panic attacks).

          Many fearful fliers develop an anxiety about flying in their twenties, thirties, or forties. Some have never flown and can be nervous about the unfamiliar sensations. As we mature we become more concerned about our families and loved ones. We also begin to recognize just how fragile and dear life is.

          Often times fears are caused by a general lack of understanding about what to expect during a flight. Most fearful flyers just need some help in the form of education, reassurance, and guidance.

What Can This Book Do For You?

          Wings of Discovery is a self-help book and an adventure story rolled into one. It delivers a message of optimism and perseverance, while at the same time it contains important information about flying, anxiety, and phobias that anyone who flies should read.

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This Book Will -

    Color Ball Familiarize you with aviation and teach you what to expect while flying.

    Color Ball Provide reassurance that you are not the only one with these concerns.

    Color Ball Foster a positive mindset to inspire confidence.

    Color Ball Encourage you to embark on other adventures.

    Color Ball Entertain you before and/or during your next trip.

    Color Ball Promote feelings of safety and security so that you may relax and enjoy your flights.

Rediscover Your Childhood Fantasy of Flight!

        "Captain Chance's book does an admirable job of changing mind-set by re-introducing the wonder of flight that probably all of us had as children but somehow lost. He also introduces facts about the realities of flight and the efforts made into making it safe."
- Kyle (Fear of Flying Message Board)

Back to the Basics: A Unique Approach...

          Wings of Discovery is the first book to combine fundamental fear of flying lessons with an amusing adventure story. Because the "fear of flying" can feel like a rational as well as an irrational fear, Wings of Discovery inspires you to learn on more than one level.

        "Wings of Discovery is a great little book...loads of practical and spiritual info for the fearful flyer. Check it out when you get the chance!"
- Amy B. (Fear of Flying Roundtable Host at AirDisaster.com)

Book Review: Wings of Discovery
December 2, 2002 -- Inspirational Fiction
By: Judine Slaughter, eBook Reviews Weekly

Description: An exhilarating flight

Most of us have heard the saying, "There's nothing to fear, but fear itself." Although the rhetoric sounds good, to actually put it to use is a completely different story. Fear can stop someone from experimenting with new activities, eating exotic foods, and traveling to foreign lands. But once you overcome the fear, you will most likely discover joy. This joy comes from the accomplishment of breaking the imaginary chains of thought which held you hostage.

Wings of Discovery helps to clip those chains of fear. The premise of the book is about overcoming the fear of flying. Although his father was a pilot, Mark succumbs to a horrendous phobia about flying. Then one day, he spots two ultralight planes having "fun" in the air. While the planes land, Mark tracks them in his car and introduces himself to the pilots. This marks the beginning of his adventure -- pursing his passion, following his dream and conquering his fear.

Capt. Stacey L. Chance introduces the reader to a wealth of information about how the Federal Aviation Administration ensures the safety of aircraft. He also entertains by intermingling his vivid descriptions of the landscapes and scenery when his characters take flight. I felt as if I soared through the air, and watched as the coyote ran to keep up with the plane. I definitely recommend Wings of Discovery for anyone who wants to learn more about aviation, and who those who allow their fears to hinder them from soaring to new dimensions.

Book Review: Wings of Discovery
July 19, 2002
By: Amy B. at AirDisaster.com

I have recently stumbled upon a little gem of a book called "Wings of Discovery".

The book is written by Captain Stacey Chance, a commercial airline pilot who also runs a fear of flying help course on the internet.

A few weeks ago, I wrote Captain Chance inquiring about his book because from the description, it sounded like he believes, as I do, that getting over your fear of flying can be as much a spiritual journey as a psychological one. He was nice enough to send me a copy hot off the press so that I could read it myself.

And it was very much what I hoped it would be: a book that incorporates practical information to educate the reader about aviation, and how a fearful flyer can utilize this information to assist with their fears. But surrounding these facts, also, with an entertaining story.

Captain Chance, in essence, gives the fearful flyer a persona and a name, and this name is Mark. Like many of you out there who have this fear, Mark is a mature, level headed adult who never before had the fear of flying but suddenly is nearly crippled by it. As the story opens, we are transported into the fearful flyer's mind as Mark anxiously and fearfully endures an entire plane trip. All of us who have been or who are currently fearful of flying identify with his predicament immediately: the sweaty palms, heart racing, horrific thoughts of what "could" happen...he's got it all.

We follow him as he realizes his fear is beginning to take control of his life...and then when Mark gradually discovers the spiritual side of flight and takes to it like a duck to water (or more like "a duck to wind").

This book is a quick, entertaining read which incorporates much information about flight that could help a person through his or her own journey in overcoming aviophobia. I highly recommend it to anyone who has this fear.

Wings of Discovery....A Must Read!
August 3, 2002
Posted on the Fear of Flying Help Course Message Board

Wings of Discovery is a graduate class to The Fear of Flying Help Course given by Captain Stacey Chance. The reader will enjoy a fictitious story of overcoming fears in order to follow a dream. Throughout the story, positive reinforcement is given be restating the safety of modern day airliners. By reading this book, you will join the main character in a journey to reach his goal. By relating to his desire to overcome his fears, the readers can reflect on what they learned from the Captain's online class. With this short story, you obtain more scientific knowledge of the dynamics of air flight as well as emotional inspiration to conquer your fear of flying. There is also an added surprise of fantasy in the story you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

Have a fear of flying? Try reading "Wings of Discovery"
August 23, 2002
Book Review Excerpt:
By PAT STANLEY - Napa News Register Correspondent

"Wings of Discovery" is a wonderful and compelling fictional story about a veterinarian named Mark whose fear of flying is almost his undoing. The reader can share with Mark the feeling of flying with the eagles as he gradually confronts his greatest fears and learns how to fly. As the captain-turned author says, "The story and characters are fictional. The lessons on life and flying are real." Stacey is no stranger to the fear of flying. In fact, he operates a free fear of flying website (www.fearofflyinghelp.com).

As his story develops, questions that often face white-knuckle fliers are answered. The final chapter, in fact, is devoted to frequently asked flying questions and their answers, questions about down drafts, engine fires and flying through or around storms. Messages about flying safely and comfortably are delivered by virtually every character.

Shannon, Mark's 17-year-old daughter, tells her dad: "Hey, aren't you the one who's always saying we shouldn't run away from our nightmares, but run toward our dreams?" One of Mark's flying buddies, Rich, tells him "...it's not so important where you go, but how you get there." Certainly it was true when Mark was learning how to fly and followed his two airborne pals as they landed near a hamburger stand, grab a bite to eat, show off their man-made birds, then again take to the skies. Right then I wanted to be Mark.

A wonderful older lady named, aptly, Amelia, is symbolized late in the book as a wise old talking bird. There's very special meaning to that event, but you'll have to read the book to discover it yourself. Anyway, Amelia tells Mark that fear is an important motivator. Fear of change. Fear of stagnation. Fear of dying. Fear of living. She teaches him that fear is less of a psychological problem and more of an educational issue. It's another important lesson in his overcoming the fear of flying.

The book tells us that aviation can be both challenging and spiritually rewarding. If you have felt that nagging fear as you step onto an airliner, I highly recommend reading "Wings of Discovery." But you don't have to have any fears to enjoy the book.

UL Flying Magazine
November 1, 2002
Book Review Excerpt:
By Jack McCornack - Skywriter Correspondent

Captain Chance's book provides help. Wings of Discovery is a short novel, weighing in at a brief 140 pages, about a man facing and conquering his fear of flying. The purpose of this book never fades into the background. This is a worthy book, a good present for your white knuckled friends before their next airline flight.

        "The book is powerful, memorable, and priceless. It covers all of my questions in a clear concise manner. What I truly found amazing was how it made such an interesting story out of a lesson on flight. This is by no means boring. I'll most likely read it again before I fly."
- Debi Smith, Virginia Beach

Proven Effective...

          The author, Captain Stacey L. Chance, flies for a major airline and operates the successful online Fear of Flying Help Course. His experiences interacting with passengers and the valuable feedback from students of his fear of flying course have helped him develop a good understanding of an airline passenger's most common misconceptions and fears. Over the past year the information and simple techniques used in his course have helped many fearful fliers.

Fear of Flying Audio Course (Now available for download)

        "Dear Captain Chance, not only did I totally enjoy flying, I was the calmest person on the plane. I gave a copy of your course's printouts to the poor sweaty guy next to me. It is excellent not only for flying, but an analytical approach to anxious situations in general. Thanks!"
- Anonymous
Soaring Eagle

A Fun and Entertaining Story Rich in Useful Facts

          The story and characters are fictional, but the lessons on life and flying are real -

           Wings of Discovery offers a glimpse into the life of a man who struggles to overcome the fear of flying. Along the way he makes mysterious new friends who help him discover his wings. Through exciting and challenging adventures, the character faces his fears and learns about aviation along with the importance of pursuing his passions.

"What if you could fly free like a bird - inherently understanding the wind, the sky, and your own feathered wings? Look into the eyes of an eagle, you will not see fear."

          Following the story, the author provides an Epilogue containing additional information about flying and airline travel. He also provides a useful section on frequently asked questions posed by fearful fliers.
        "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wings of Discovery and found it not only highly informative, but extremely entertaining and interesting too. I really admire the style and ease that emanates from the writing, making it easy for even someone who is not familiar with the technical aspects of flying (such as me!) to understand. It will definitely be very valuable reading for anyone who has ever experienced even the slightest jitters when flying or thinking about flying."
- Jennifer, Colleyville, Texas

          Wings of Discovery is packed with behind-the-scenes information about the airline industry, anxieties, and the magical wonder of flight. The author captures the spectacular essence of flying and shares an appreciation of nature's simple beauties while providing technical information in a down-to-earth fashion. Wings of Discovery appeals to not only those who fly, but everyone who wants to get the most out of life!

Fear of Flying Book: Wings of Discovery
Click here to see back cover
Paperback - 140 pages (June, 2002) Llumina Press; ISBN:1932047093 Dimensions (in inches): 0.32 x 8.00 x 5.00
(The book's cover is attractive and discreet. No one needs to know you're reading a "fear of flying" book.)

A Handy and Convenient Resource

          You can read Wings of Discovery to supplement the Fear of Flying Help Course. As recommended reading for anyone anxious about flying, Wings of Discovery makes a great handbook to read before your next flight. Or, bring on board with you, just to get lost in the story - you'll be at your destination before you know it!

"If you liked the Fear of Flying Help Course, you'll really enjoy this book!"

5 stars

About the Author - Captain Stacey L. Chance

Fear of Flying Help Course Testimonials

Little Windsock
Pursue Your Passions
Follow Your Dreams
Conquer Your Fears

Wings of Discovery

Table of Contents

           Chapter   1    White Knuckles
           Chapter   2    The Encounter
           Chapter   3    Possessed
           Chapter   4    Dreamland
           Chapter   5    Building Trust
           Chapter   6    Testing Limits
           Chapter   7    Higher Learning
           Chapter   8    The Odyssey
           Chapter   9    Blindsided
           Chapter  10   Slipping Away
                    Epilogue - FAQ

Top Ten Fear of Flying Truths and Tips

1. Turbulence may feel uncomfortable, but it is normal.
People often misunderstand turbulence. When encountering turbulence, nervous passengers feel the plane is "falling" out of the sky. It is natural for them to only feel the "down" bumps. But for every "down" there is an "up" bump. The "downs" are just more easily noticed. Next time you are driving on a bumpy road, imagine you are a passenger on a plane experiencing "bad" turbulence. Now take a look at the road. How big are the bumps on the roadway that create a rough ride? The high altitude air is usually very smooth. But sometimes some small ripples can make it feel like "bad" turbulence!

2. The plane is strong, stable, reliable, and well maintained.
The FAA mandates that modern jet aircraft are designed and built with large safety margins. All aircraft and their equipment are built from FAA approved designs and manufactured under FAA approved systems. Coming out of the factory, the planes are thoroughly flight tested before certification by the FAA. Structurally, these aircraft can withstand many times the stresses and forces which can be imposed upon them in flight. Remember, airplanes are MEANT to be in the air. That’s where they’re happiest!

3. You are flying with a highly professional, well trained and experienced crew.
When you board the plane mention to the flight attendants that sometimes you get a little nervous about flying and ask if you may visit with the pilots. This is very important! The pilots are happy to have visitors and the flight attendants know this. You might be surprised at how receptive the pilots will be. Ask questions and mention your nervousness; they will understand and reassure you. The pilot's confidence is contagious. Now you have a friend up front who knows and cares about you! But remember, visits to the cockpit can ONLY be made on the ground, not during taxi or in flight. From FAA Personnel to Air Traffic Controllers to Aircraft Mechanics to the Flight Crew, there is no industry in the world with better trained, tested, skilled, and motivated professionals than the people in the airline industry.

4. You can trust the airline industry.
The FAA ensures a safe and secure flying experience by monitoring, inspecting, drug testing, and certifying the people who work in safety related areas of aviation. Aviation is "black and white". There are no "maybes". Either it is 100% safe, or we don't do it. You may have heard the saying, "Safety is no accident". Each worker takes pride in his or her own work and keeps an eye on others. Because we understand how our work impacts the safety of others (and ourselves), we will not tolerate anything less than perfection!

5. Flying is routine- here's proof.
Many people take comfort in going to the local airport to watch all the planes takeoff and land. After a while you begin to see that the flight operations are indeed routine. Others like to study the ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE monitors in the airport terminal to see just how many flights operate safely. Did you know that worldwide nearly 3 million passengers fly every day?

6. You can help yourself by utilizing positive thinking.
Always try to keep your thoughts in the present. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop, and concentrate on the positive. Many people dwell on what might happen instead of what is happening. It can be easy to play a "disaster movie" in your mind and you are the in the starring role! When you catch yourself starting the production of one of these imaginary "disaster movies" turn off the projector. Try to occupy your mind with something more constructive. Read, do a puzzle, strike up a conversation.

7. Try to relax your body by tensing your muscles.
Be aware of your body. When you feel muscles that are tense or tight, you can relax them. Instead of fighting the tightness, show your muscles whose boss! You tense your muscles! You take control! Go ahead and tighten your stomach muscles or your leg muscles. Then pause and let go. You will be surprised at how your muscles feel warm and relaxed, and you once again feel in control.

8. Don't give in to an overactive imagination.
Quite often people who have a fear of flying also have a strong or overactive imagination. For example, they might hear an unfamiliar noise during the flight, and begin imagining what might be wrong with the plane to cause this noise. Or, they may believe in "signs" or "premonitions" that their plane will crash. For example, they might have a dream, or hear a song on the radio about a plane crash. Odds are, you are not psychic! Remind yourself of this fact, and focus on reality.

9. You can deal with your nervous feelings.
When you feel afraid, your breathing quickens and your heart races. To calm yourself, first push your stomach outward. Take a slow, deep breath through your nose. Try to fill your lungs from the bottom up. Pause, and then exhale slowly. Do this a couple of times and you'll feel much better. Practice your controlled breathing whenever you can. Try it whenever you feel tense. Slow, deep breathing is the easiest and most effective method for calming yourself.

10. Even if you feel panicky, it cannot hurt you or cause you to lose control.
Remember that fear is a normal reaction to a perceived threat. Once you learn the threat really isn't dangerous, the fear naturally goes away. Fear itself is not harmful, but is meant to protect us. A panic attack will not make you have a heart attack, faint, or lose control. That is how we are programmed. Fear acts as our defense mechanism. It prepares us to fight or flee.

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Sincerely, Captain Stacey L. Chance

Captain Stacey

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